Boulder Technology Labs, LLC was founded to assist client organizations in the solution of complex, multi-faceted telecommunications infrastructure technology problems.  The mission of Boulder Technology Labs, LLC includes intellectual property due dilligence, licensing, and litigation as well as research and development of solutions to specialized problems. 

Today's telecom network is becoming more and more complex, as it is in reality a network of networks, both present generation and next generation. This complexity is further exacerbated by the multi-technology, multi-vendor, and multi-network operator aspects of the evolving network. These complexities introduce significant new technical challenges, requiring ever more complex solutions which span multiple technology disciplines.

Areas of Expertise
Telecommunications switching and transmission systems including tradional Time Division Multiplexing, Optical, Wireless, Statistical Multiplexing (store and forward - ATM, IP, FR), Wireless Networking Protocols over the air and within the Terrestrial Infrastructure, Wireless Services, and Interworking with other Networks...

Communications Protocols including both Bearer and Control aspects:
- IP
- Frame Relay
- Wireless Communications including TDMA, CDMA, LTE, WiFi,  ...
- Data Communications

Transmission and Switching Systems Bearer and Control Architectures

Multi-technology, Multi-vendor Telecom Infrastructures:
- Access Networks (Wireless and Land Line)
- Signaling Networks (Subscriber Signaling and Network Signaling - SS7,...)
- Hybrid Networks (Traditional, Transition, and Next Generation Networks),...